How to check PNR Status on your Mobile Phone

How to find PNR status directly on your mobile phone ?

Well, if you don’t know much about the PNR status of your booked tickets and want to know more about it, here are some ideas to know the status of your booked tickets on your mobile phone.
If you are planning to visit different places in India in this vacation and got your journey tickets reserved through Official Indian Railways web portal or other websites which are trusted by millions of Indian Railways Commuters like,

If you didn’t get any confirm tickets with specific seat numbers so you will definitely need to know the status of booked tickets after equal intervals and in that case you can use mobile apps which are again not official ( | as there is no official app for checking only PNR status except IRCTC.

To check the status of your booked tickets you will need PNR number of your tickets. Although, the process of knowing your reservation status is very simple and easy but some people might find it difficult as they don’t know how to discover it through online facility or getting it directly on the mobile phone. Well, there are some simple ways through which you can easily get the pnr status on mobile phone.

Utilize your ten digit mobile number to check pnr status via sms
You will love to use this fantastic low cost service for knowing your status on mobile. This simplified and cost effective service has been introduced by Google under which one will have to send the PNR number to certain mobile number to check the PNR status.

The service number on which you will have to send the PNR number is 9773300000. Suppose you have purchased an sms pack for your mobile number and if you will send your PNR number through sms on above mentioned mobile number, you will be charged with the normal SMS rate. It means the premium SMS rate will not be applicable in that case.

The 139 service
The pre established 139 calling service of Indian railways can help you to know your pnr status on mobile or cell phone. You just need to type PNR number of your booked ticket and send it to 139 without typing space for knowing your status. This excellent service is active 24×7 and throughout the country.
Alternate number to check 5676747

One more number can help you explore your status, the service number is 5676747. Sending PNR number of your booked ticket to this number can also help you to know the pnr status. Sending SMS on both of these numbers will be a charged service and you will be charged for each SMS as per the charges defined by the authorities (usually 3 INR/ SMS)

Employ internet enabled mobile phone
If you carry an internet enabled mobile phone with you, so you can use the online services of or, to check your status in your GPRS enabled phone. Apart from this, you can call the Indian railways helpline number i.e. 139 and follow the instructions to know your railway booking status.
All these steps are reliable, safe and simple for you to check the PNR status of your booked tickets.

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