How to Check Central Railway PNR Status Online?

Online ticket reservation is not only an advance service nowadays, but has become an integral part of the today’s fast life style. When one reserves a ticket and it’s not a confirmed ticket so he has to keep checking the current status of the booked ticket.

Here comes the key number which is called a PNR number to check the status of booked ticket through PNR status checking utility. If you want to know your central railway PNR status online, you can go to the official website of central railway zone. Apart from the official website of the railway zone, you can also approach some relevant and reliable websites to know your PNR status.

Basic information about the central railway zone

The central railway zone, as its name suggests is just like the heart of the Indian railways. It is known as the most prominent and one of the biggest railway zones of the country.

Head quarter of central railway zone is situated in Chhatrapati Shivaji Rao Terminus, Mumbai. Including the Mumbai division, it consists of total five divisions Mumbai division, Nagpur Division, Solapur Division, Bhusawal Division and Pune Division.

Check PNR status online for the central railway zone

It is really a simple method to check the central railway PNR status online using your PNR number. Just visiting any of the official websites of relevant railway zone or reputed site which provide PNR status, you can get the latest information about your booking very easily.

You will need nothing but to just fill some related information in the search box like the first name and last name of the passenger and ten digit PNR number and it will show the latest update about your reservation.

Railways lines of the central railway zone

The central railway zone covers most of the central region of India including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. This extensive zone of the country is known for becoming the first ever railway line in India which was subjected for operation in 1983.

Another important point associated with this railway zone is that it has been formed at the time of reorganization of the country based railways. It merged the Great Indian Peninsula railway, Scindia State Railway of Gwalior and lot of government owned railway. Some important railways routes under the central railway zone are as follows:

  • Mumbai CST to Nagpur
  • Pune to Kolhapur via Miraj
  • Kalyan to Wadi
  • Daund to Ballarsha

Get PNR status through telephonic service

In order to get your PNR status in your phone, you need nothing but to call or SMS in official helpline numbers of the central railway zone. One can dial ‘139’ from vodafone, dolphin, Garuda, MTNL and BSNL landline, spice telecom etc.

Also, one can use same telephonic service for sending SMS to the customer care desk and getting an SMS back to your phone showing central railway PNR status. For this, you need to type your ten digit PNR number without any space in your message box and send it to 139. You can also find other helpline numbers of the railway zone in their official websites. You should remember that this SMS service is not toll free.

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